Investment in BaaS

As BaaS evolves, we are seeing the huge investment from numerous start-ups, as well as grabbing the attention of a handful of larger tech companies, but we are also seeing the first signs of major investment in the space.  

  • Facebook Acquisition of Parse - Facebook recently acquired on of the top BaaS providers in the space, Parse.  While there has been rumors swirling around the tech space for some time, regarding Facebook's desires to manufacture their own mobile device and possibly their own mobile operating system to rival iOS and Android, the Parse acquisition seems a little closer to reality. Facebook's investment in the BaaS space acknowledges that mobile dominance won't always be about device dominance, and the potential of well tuned, meaningful, virtualized stacks of resources for mobile developers.  Facebook is looking to invest in mobile and BaaS represents that path forward.  
  • Intel Investment in BaaS - In the same timeline as the Parse acquisition,  BaaS platform FeedHenry announces a 9M investment from Intel Capital--showing more investment in mobile by the chip-maker.  Revealing more of the mobile aspirations of Intel, the chip-maker recently announced the acquisition of enterprise mobile service provider Aeopona. 
  • Lucent Mobile Acquisition of Proxomo - Lucent Mobile, Inc. reached a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Proxomo Software, Inc., a BaaS provider. As part of the transaction, Lucent Mobile, Inc. a private investor-backed company will operate going forward under the Proxomo name.

This is just a small slice of the investment going on in the space.  To understand the market opportunity, white papers such as the report published by MarketsandMarkets. will provide that, but to understand the innovation opportunity, much more experimentation and research needs to occur on exactly what resources current developers are needing to truly be successful.

The research and development environment for the future of API resources will play out within the BaaS industry, through the efforts of small start-ups as well as from the major tech companies.