Potential for API Aggregators to Provide Valuable Industry Data

I've been tracking on a trend in the API space that I call API aggregation. Companies like Singly and Adigami are aggregating APIs into more meaningful API stacks, than any single API provider can deliver on their own.

In my regular monitoring, I'm always on the hunt for examples of the benefits of API Aggregation, and last week I saw some pretty interesting payment gateway data being provided by payment API aggregator Spreedly--which definitely reflects the positive effects I'm looking to shine light on in the space.  

Spreedly is a cloud based credit card vault that allows you to work with one or multiple payment gateways over time or simultaneously, and has published some pretty interesting analysis of failed transaction rates across multiple payment gateways.

I'll let you head over to Spreedly to read the analysis. What I find interesting is that they are open to sharing this data with the public. This type of information sharing by API aggregator providers is critical to the overall health of the space. I'm often frustrated by the lack of data that API providers share, because they so often are keeping their cards so close to their chest, trying to protect their valuable business data or often lack of business data.

There is huge opportunity for API aggregators to share information about their experience with the common APIs they integrate and aggregate with. The whole industry can learn from this, but also work its way back upstream to the payment API providers, providing them with insight into how their APIs are operating, but also provide benchmarks of where they stand with their competitors, good or bad.

Let me know if you see any other examples of API aggregators sharing data like Spreedly.