The Build-Up To #APIStrat in October

After just a couple months of REST and relaxation, the build up to API Strategy & Practice SF is kicking into gear. We officially launched the new site for San Francisco last week, featuring the following speaker:

  • Daniel Jacobson of Netflix
  • David Weekly of Facebook
  • Drew Dillon of Yammer
  • Jeff Atwood of Stack Exchange and
  • Pamela Fox of Coursera
  • Peter Rexer of Box

With the following sponsors stepping up to make sure the API community comes together and shares stories and experiences from the trenches:

APIStrat is shaping up to be twice the event we had in New York City, and it is still June--we still have four months to go! We are working hard to put together the best line up of keynotes, sessions, panels and workshops possible.

Early bird registration opened this morning, so get your tickets while you can at a 40% discount. I look forward to seeing you all in SF in October.