Updated API History White Paper

Understanding our history is critical to understanding where we are going.  I have been studying the history of web APIs for the last three years. Even though I have been through the API strategies of pioneers like Salesforce and Amazon several times, each time I go back through, I learn more.  

In May I went back through the history of APIs and added several stories that I feel are key to introducing people to the API space, as well as helping developers and people who already work with APIs, about why this has all worked.

I break the history of APIs into 5 phases:

  • Commerce
  • Social
  • Business & Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile

We are standing solidly within the mobile phase of APIs, looking forward at the next phase which is about the Internet of Things. The History of APIs is part of my API 101 series, which I publish to help introduce people to the world of APIs and prepare them for them for the API economy that will surround them.

You can download an updated copy of the History of APIs via this blog post, and I will be adding an entirely new white paper section in the near future.  

Make sure and share the History of APIs with your friends and anyone you think would benefit learning about the space.