Connect With Linguistics API Apicultur While They Are In San Francisco

I went to Spain at the beginning of the month to speak at API Days. While there I had the pleasure of connecting with the team from Apicultur. If you are not familiar with Apicultur, they are a platform for linguistic APIs, providing resources ranging from word frequency, synonyms and sentiment analysis to word games.

Apicultur is relevant because language APIs WILL be central to evolution of not just mobile, but also the Internet of Things. Also, Apicultur isn't just trying to build the best linguistics API in the world, they are working to assemble a marketplace of the worlds linguistic API resources.

The value of the API resources Apicultur is developing attracted me to them, but then I learned more about their overall business model, and was really hooked. They want you to hang your valuable linguistics API in their marketplace, side by side with the ones they develop. They truly want to build the most valuable marketplace of API driven, language resources from around the world.

The Apicultur team is in San Francisco this weekend for API Days, if you are a complimentary API I recommend you connecting with them. Also if you have a business that could use the resources they offer, I also recommend reaching out. You can ping them @apicultur or feel free to contact me, and I'll hook you up. Or maybe just head down to API Days at Parisoma.

What Apicultur is doing, reflects the next iteration of APIs from an all the APIs directory like ProgrammableWeb, to niche marketplaces of valuable resources developers will be needing to build the next generation of applications.