I Will Be At API Days in Paris This Week, Will You Be There?

I'm pretty excited about heading to Paris this week to speak at API Days. The is the 2nd edition of the original french edition of API Days, and they have organized over 60 talks across two days: December 4th and 5th.

I'm particularly excited about sitting in on these talks:

  • Mike Admundsen, LAYER7 - Telephones, Mechanical Turks, and the Future of APIs
  • Joffrey Fuhrer, Docker.io - Shipping code in a service oriented world
  • Stéphane Legouffe, CTO of Paris - APIs and Cities
  • Renaud Visage CTO, Eventbrite - From a Monolithic to a Distributed Architecture
  • Steve Klabnik - JSON API: convention driven API design
  • Romain Huet, Twitter - Twitter APIs: connecting to the pulse of the planet
  • Guillaume Balas, 3SCALE - Which Business Model to Win in the API Economy?

I will be talking about API Commons, and Bringing API Design Out Of The Shadows And Into The Commons--helping share the vision Steve Willmott and I have behind the new project that 3Scale and API Evangelist are partnering on.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with all these API freaks, and of course experiencing the amazing city of Paris again.

OMG! I almost forgot. My girlfirend @AudreyWatter is speaking too!! Education APIs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!! Its gonna be wild!