Showcasing When You Use Your Own API

While looking through hundreds of blogs from API providers, one practice that I’m seeing more of is companies showcasing their own use of their API. Some of you may think this is obvious, but I think a lot of companies are using their own API and never tell the story about how they are using their own services—I mean if your API is so great, demonstrate to people why it is so kick ass.

Don’t just say dumb shit like we eat our own dog food, show us how, where and why you use it. Prove to us that you use the same APIs that you are delivering to external developers. Are you using to drive your website? mobile devices? partner integrations? Let us know the details about how it was designed, deployed and the challenges you face in not just managing but also integrating it with your apps.

I’m sure you are using your APIs in some pretty cool ways internally, but if you don’t tell the story to your external partners and developers, they will never know how cool your APIs really are. You never know, one of your stories might convince one of them to use your APIs as well.