API Inception Getting Twitter Data Via Gnip Through New Brandwatch API

Content and data aggregation provider Gnip just announced a new API from their “Plugged In Partner” Brandwatch, who launched the Brandwatch API, giving developers access to social data, filtered through their a brand lens, so they can build custom tools, visualizations and other apps around Twitter data.

The Brandwatch API itself isn't that groundbreaking, there are plenty of other social analysis APIs offering similar features, but the fact that it was an API built on top of Gnip, one of the only approved Twitter firehose providers remaining, I found to be interesting.

Gnip is trusted Twitter provider, with firehose access to Twitter data, and Brandwatch is a trusted Gnip partner, providing an API with access to Twitter data. At this point I can't tell if I’m in a dream, or a dream within a dream?

I feel like we've moved into a strange post Twitter API apocalypse land where turmoil in the Twitter ecosystem has died down, Gnip and other Twitter partners are thriving, and we are even seeing new APIs being built on Twitter data. I’m not sure how I feel about this, to be honest I can't tell if I’m awake anymore.