The APIs I Depend On To Run API Evangelist

I maintain an active list of online services I depend on for my business, using Evernote. Each month I spend an hour or two maintaining this list, to make sure it is complete and actively change my logins when appropriate. 

I saw the recent Heartbleed SSL situation as an opportunity to move forward some of my IT practices, including using 1Password to manage all of my accounts, and better profiling which APIs I'm consuming. This gave me an opportunity to update my list of APIs that I depend on, adding about 4 or 5 new ones.

First I depend on a couple of the core Google APIs:

Gmail - Integrate my daily emails, as well as email blasts with my administrative system
Google Contacts - Keep business and individual profiles in my admin system in sync with my daily Google Contacts activity.
Google Calendar - Publish hackathon calendars to Google Calendar as well as keep conferences, meetups and other events I pull through APIs and curate in sync
Google Docs - Publish copies of blog posts to Google Docs, as well as version of pages from my content management system to Google Docs
Google Sites - All of my research is in Google Sites. So I tend to publish lists of curated news, blog posts and other research to wiki pages under specific projects

Next, I would say Amazon Web Services delivers some pretty critical APIs I can't live without:

Amazon EC2 - I deploy and shutdown various EC2 instances for various jobs I run for API Evangelist. All APIs are managed on AWS EC2
Amazon S3 - All heavy objects in my systems are stored at Amazon S3 including photos, PDFs, presentations and video
Amazon Route 53 - I use AWS Route 53 to manage the underlying DNS for all my applications and sites across multiple domains

Then there are an assortment of other APIs I use throughout my web sites and applications:

3Scale - I depend on 3Scale API Infrastructure APis to remotely manage different aspects of my API management workflow
AlchemyAPI - I use alchemy for content, keyword and author extraction on articles and site pages that I curate as part my daily routine
AngelList - I pull company profiles from AngelList and use in my research and profile for API Evangelist
Bitly - I manage most of my shortened URLs for tracking on link traffic across the API Evangelist using Bitly
Crunchbase - I pull company profiles from Crunchbase and use in my research and profile for API Evangelist
EventBrite - I pull hackathons, meetups and conferences from EventBrite and use in my admin system
Evernote - I do all my note taking and recording of thoughts in Evernote, there are some folders I keep in sync with my admin system
Flickr - I've historically published a lot of public images to Flickr for SEO purposes, so many of my blog posts or events that I record a lot of images and video from get stored at Flickr using the API in my admin system
Foursquare - I use Foursquare as a journal and pull the timeline into my admin system and apply as framework to my writing and traveling
Full Contact - I use FullContact for building oiut profies of individuals in my company CRMS system,which helps me understand the public profiles of people like Twitter, LinkedIn and Github
Github - All my stories use Gists to display code and some of my larger productions have full repositories that I access via command line and via the API
Nimble - I use Nimble to manage my CRM externally. It offers some featuers that simply CRM maangement for specific projects or groups. Sometimes I setup CRM systems here for customers.
Paypal - I handle subscriptions and white paper purchases via Paypal
Pinboard - All my curation runs through Pinboard. Anything I bookmark while reading feeds or on the open web gets bookmarked with Pinboard, then with the API I pull into my admin system
ProgrammableWeb - I use ProgrammableWeb's API to pull new APIs into my curation system
Stack Exchange - I use stack exchange to monitor API activity on the forums and keep track of discussion counts for various APIs.
Tumblr - I assemble some curated posts and summaries and publish to Tumblr via the API
Twitter - Twitter is central to my API monitoring, ranking and curation system. I depend on the REST and Streaming APIs

I depend on these APIs to run API Evangelist, as well as support the other research and consulting that I do. Some of these services I pay for, some of them I use for free.  

I’m sure I depend on a lot of APIs, partly because this is my game, I’m an API Evangelist, but it is also because APIs provide me with the data and resources I need to operate.

Tracking on the APIs I depend is a regular part of my IT strategy, and eventually I am going to publish this as a public page on my websites--showcasing what APIs have done for my business.