Interesting Example of Social Page Over At Cisco

Its not often I find myself referencing Cisco when it comes to shedding light on interesting practices for the API space, but today is not your usual day.

At some point yesterday, I found myself at, and I stumbled across their social page, which gives equal real estate to their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube channel, as well as highlights from their community forum.

I like the idea of having a page like this for API providers. It helps you establish a single page, that can act as a one-stop shop for getting information about what is going on within an API community.

From a planning perspective it also helps providers understand they need to have more than one channel when it comes to providing API support via social channels.

Cisco’s social media page is a pretty basic example, but I think a potentially powerful one that API providers can follow when organizing their own social platform, for their own API communities.