Kicking Off Image Manipulation API Work

I'm working a wider campaign focused on getting my shit together around my images, and part of that is continueing work I had started with my screen capture API, and launch more image manipulation API resources.

I have a wide range of needs to resize, crop, filter, and apply other filters to photos I work with, as part of my storytelling, and if I had a set of image manipulation APIs, life would be better--so as I do with anything, I got to work building an API.

The result is the first, in a series of image manipulation APIs. Right now I focused on some low hanging fruit, like applying filters to images, which includes Charcoal, Oil Painting, Polaroid, and Sketch. Next, I will tackle some more utility APIs like resize, crop, and rotate.

Like my other APIs, I will use my operational harness, and operate a cloud version of my image manipulation API, where anyone can access, and take advantage of my API resources. Using my API service composition, I setup access tiers for public, partners and internal usage. 

I will also open source any code behind so that others can deploy image manipulation within their own infrastructure, or I'm happy to setup for you--for a fee! :-)

I have a number of APIs I want to get built, and image manipulation has been on my list for a while, I'm glad I finally was able to get this work started.