Share Your API News With Me On The API Report

I’ve launched a new API news site, designed to provide short news updates from across the world of APIs. The API Report is the newest part of the API Evangelist network of sites, with as the analysis on the business of APIs, as the analysis on the politics of APIs, and the the API Report as the industry news heartbeat.

The API Report is built on Github, as a public repository, using Github Pages, and Jekyll. This approach to blogging opens up the news site to a new form of collaborative publishing, allowing anyone to fork, author their own API news story, and make a pull request for publishing to the site. Every commit will be reviewed for quality, and either rejected, or published to the live API Report website. Each post should follow a simple format, allowing for easy scanning of the days API news by consumers. The API Report has an RSS feed, as well as a Twitter account, for reader and social syndication.

Soon, the API Report will also have its own advertising network, which will allow anyone to purchase any of the advertising slots available in the header, right hand sidebar, and in the body of all blog posts. Advertising will be priced very low at first, but as pageviews grow, and demand increases, and weekly market rate will be set--allowing for weekly turnover of advertising opportunities.

If you are an API provider of any shape or size, or an API enthusiast, I recommend you help craft stories for the API Report, fork the site, and make a pull request, anytime you have a new piece you want share. Once the API Report advertising is up and running, and being monetized, I will be setting aside 50% of revenue and sharing with all contributors based upon pageviews.

The API Report is brand new, and looking to be the place where the community can publish their own stories about providing, consuming, or delivering services to the API space, and provide a regular news heartbeat for the API community, by the API community.

Get involved as early as you can, I'd love your feedback.