An API Case Study Format From Google Cloud Platform

I was browsing through Google’s Cloud Platform, in the 15 minute lead up to a preliminary discussion with Google about being an evangelist for the platform (another story), and I saw a useful pattern from the "customers" section for publishing API customer case studies--something I wanted to share with you.

This pattern was evident in the Travel Agency Masters Big Data with Google BigQuery case study. I think the format for the case study provides a simple format that other API providers might consider following:

  • A catchy summary title 
  • Challenge the company faced 
  • Solution to the problem 
  • A quote from company 
  • Results from the solution

Additionally, Google provides an "At a Glance" summary in the left hand bar, for those busy folks who don't have the time to read case studies, providing a quick summary of the case study:

  • What they wanted to do 
  • What they did 
  • What they accomplished 
  • About API service used

The outline for the case study, as well as the summary version is a nice, simple format that any API provider could use to when crafting their own API case study experience. The format allows for easy scanning by visitors, which allows for us busy folks to read, or quickly scan multiple case studies--giving more context to the potential value an API will deliver.