Can You Add My API To Your Website Listing?

I get regular requests to add APIs to my website via email, Twitter, and carrier pigeon. I have an Evernote that I put these requests into, and as I have time, I review, then possibly add to the appropriate API Evangelist network project.

To support this process, I've crafted a new response email to requests I get, that I thought I would share with everyone:

Sure thing. It could take me a day or two, or maybe up to a week.

You are also welcome to fork any of the 60+ API Evangelist network projects, and add to the JSON list that is driving the listing, they are all under the /data folder. Otherwise I'll add as I have time in the next week.

Once you submit your pull request, if your company listing is relevant to the research I’m doing, I will accept your addition. No guarantees, so make sure it will provide value to not just my research, but to the API community.

Thanks for sharing information about your API!

It is a little known fact that all 60+ plus of my research projects run as Github repositories, using Github and Jekyll to drive the overall website and blog. With this approach, everyone can fork any of my projects, add a company to a listing, post to the blog, or correct a spelling or grammar error.

Just remember, when you are looking to get the word out about your API, or new feature, you can help curate and publish on the API Evangelist network.