Route SMS Messages To Google Spreadsheets Via Twilio API With TwilioSheet

If you follow Twilio blog or Twitter account you can always find a good API story from the API leader. It also makes me happy to see trends I’m seeing from other provider re-enforced by the API heavyweight. This time is providing spreadsheet integration with common API resources, like Twilio SMS.

Twilio has a pretty slick tool they call TwilioSheet that allows you to receive SMS messages in a Google Spreadsheet, and created a pretty nice walkthrough of the entire setup. Providing this type of functionality helps, as Twilio says, "make it easy for developers and non-developers alike to receive SMS messages in a Google Spreadsheet”—emphasis on the non-developers.

Whether we like it or not, the spreadsheet is the #1 database solution in the world, and provide a huge opportunity when it comes to bridging the world of APIs with the wider business landscape. This is something that API reciprocity providers like Zapier have bridging for a while now, and something that API providers like Intuit are looking to bank into their API platforms.

When you see Twilio doing something like providing providing spreadsheet integration for their API platform, you have to stop and consider whether or not it is something that might work for your own API platform. Spreadsheet integration by default with API your driven resources is a great way to expand the reach of any API, bringing these valuable resources within reach of the actual, everyday problem owners.