Thank You For Your API Evangelist Blog(s)

I get quite a few nice comments about my blog(s) behind the scenes. Many are from the enterprise or insttutions, where I know I could never get away with publishing publicly. As the APi space has heated up in 2014, more people are trying to make sense of this API mayhem, and ultimately they come across my blog, and find  valuable information that really helps them in their journey.

I have been considering adding a page, listing some of the kind words I get from folks--maybe I will someday, but today I received a nice email, one I couldn't help but ask if I could repost--so here is a nice message from Saswat Anand:


I have been reading your blogs and following you on Twitter for a couple of weeks now. I am a researcher in the Stanford University. By following your blogs and twits, I have been trying to understand the problems and opportunities in the API space.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for being a true evangelist for API's. I find your blogs very interesting both because of valuable information and your writing style.



I can't lie, the number one reason I do API Evangelist is for me, but the number two reason is to help folks like Saswat make sense of the space. I don't care whether you are a researcher in higher education, startup founder, or work at a government agency, I want you to understand APIs.

I couldn't be more stoked in my career right now, and be happier with what I'm doing. I was a little concerned if I had made the right decision to start API Evangelist back in 2010 and 2011, but in 2014, it has turned into some pretty meaningful work for me.

Thanks Saswat! Glad you find it valuable.