Thank You @3Scale For Investing In The Community With @APIStrat

We just wrapped up the 4th edition of @APIStrat in Chicago last week, and once again I’m very happy with the way things went, as 400+ folks gathered to discuss APIs. The event had the right tone, and I got the usual flood of comments from attendees, speakers, and sponsors about what a great experience the event was.

I would love to take credit, but all of the responsibility goes to 3Scale for making it happen. 3Scale takes all the risk, and their rockstar team makes the event a reality—I just help get folks to the conference, contribute ideas to the schedule, present, and MC as much of the event as I possibly can.

@APIStrat has been helping move forward the conversation in the API space for two years now, starting with New York and San Francisco in 2013, and now Amsterdam and Chicago in 2014, all made possible because of 3Scale's investment.

The number one priority for 3Scale, when it comes to @APIStrat, is to move the conversation forward, while investing in the API community. This is why the event is a success, setting the tone for the conversation amongst sponsors, speakers, and attendees. I’m thankful for being able to to take part in @APIStrat, and look forward to digesting all of the videos from Chicago, which are already on YouTube.

We’ve already announced that the next @APIStrat will be in Berlin, spring 2015, and we are accepting input on where it should for the fall of 2015. Let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see discussed at @APIStrat 2015, and we'll see about getting your ideas into the lineup.