Maybe I Am Missing Something, But Where Is Your Pricing Page?

I was doing some research on travel and transportation APIs over the last couple of weeks, and one of the developer portals I was looking at was one of the enterprise leaders in the space, the Sabre Dev Network. I really like the overall implementation from Sabre, except for one thing...

There is no pricing page for the Sabre Dev Network. ;-( The only place you find a mention of pricing is in the FAQ page, where it says:

"We have a number of different pricing options for our services. Whether you are a company just starting out or an established travel provider, we have pricing options that will fit your business needs.”

I understand you are a little apprehensive about sharing your pricing, or maybe you haven’t really thought it through all the way, and just want to shake the trees and see what falls out. Whatever the reason, when it comes to APIs you should be a little more transparent about what is going on.

Additionally, as far along as you are with some of the other parts of your developer program, you should have a pretty robust service composition page, and a partner and certification framework for developers to work towards.

Other than the lack of information about what everything costs, I’m pretty impressed with the Sabre Dev Network, as a platform. I have two other stories to do around their approach, but wanted to start with the constructive criticism before I move into the praise. ;-)