Seamless Spreadsheet To API Solution From Data Everywhere

As the popularity of APIs rapidly increases, I’m seeing spreadsheets play a growing role in both providing APIs, as well as consuming APIs. On the road to #APIStrat Chicago I came across a company who has a pretty dead-simple approach to using spreadsheets to drive data via APIs, called Data Everywhere.

Data Everywhere describes their service:

Select the cells in your existing spreadsheet and click publish. Your data will be instantly available in other spreadsheets. Our REST API makes your data available in databases, phones, websites, and other applications.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of the world's data is locked up in spreadsheets, and providing dead simple tools to liberate this data via APIs are a very logical solution. We aren't just talking about taking an entire spreadsheet and turning it into an API with Data Everywhere, we are seamlessly making data available from spreadsheets via API, leaving the existing workflow in tact.

Educating the “every day “ spreadsheet user of the importance of APIs in making their work interoperable, and accessible in web and mobile is definitely a priority for me in the coming years. I feel like this education process will continue to be an important layer to my evangelism work for many years to come.

P.S. Thank you to Data Everywhere for helping moderate the data session at @APIStrat!