Reworking My API 101 Content And First Up Is The 100K View

The home page of API Evangelist has always been my API 101 page, where any new visitor can land, not know a thing about APIs, read the page, and walk away understanding at least what an API is, and hopefully also a greater understanding of how it impacts their world. From the beginning the API Evangelist home page always had a lean toward API providers, and over time I've added information about consuming APIs, as well as trends in the API space I'm seeing.

In my opinion my 101 content has become too lengthy, and not properly onboarding people to the multiple areas of APIs like providing APIs vs consuming APIs. I think it is time to overhaul my 101 section, and produce some newer, more relevant API 101 content for 2014. To support this, I'm working on a series of 15 API 101 segments, with each one having a story version, as well as a slideshow edition, complete with audio. 

I finished the first one, which is my 100K view, API 101 introduction. I'm still working on the slideshow version. Once I'm done I"ll move on to providing APIs, and as I finish each one I'll hang on the homepage, as well as publish out via the blog, and Twitterz.