API Sandbox And Simulator From Carvoyant

I’m digging deeper into my Evernote lately, getting back to those half written stories I have laying around, and next up is about the Carvoyant API sandbox and simulator. I came across their Free #connectedcar data candy in the Sandbox blog post, and was intrigued by the concept of a simulator, not just for IoT related APIs, but potentially for any API.

Carvoyant provides a free API account which comes with a sandbox API for playing with the platform, and a traffic simulator that allows you generate vehicle and trip data for use in developing applications. I can see how a sandbox plus simulator is essential for developing automotive related applications, as you can’t be expected to have real car connection and data in all scenarios, something clearly Carvoyant has put a lot of thought, and work into.

Providing an API sandbox plus API simulator seems like it could also be two essential building blocks required for all device based API platforms, aka Internet of Things. This approach would be significant in on boarding new developers, providing them with immediate scenarios they can hack against, to learn about an API, as well as light the fire within their imagination regarding what is possible with the platform's API.

I already have a sandbox as one potential API management building block that API providers should consider. I think I will also add a simulator to the API management building blocks, and keep an eye out for other API simulators in the wild. I know I’ve covered sandbox templates from SaleForce in the past, but usually once I’ve seen something in the wild a couple of times, and add it as a formal building block to track on, I immediately tend see more of it out in the space. Have you seen any cool API simulators?