An Increase In Number Of Press Releases Involving API Integration

I spent a portion of my time each day reviewing press release sites, in addition to the 1000+ blogs I keep an eye on, for syndication to API.Report. During the course of my work this year, I'm noticing an uptick in the number of press releases that are about some new app, feature, and partnership that has an API at its core.

Telling the story of prominent integrations is something I am a big advocate for, but I think the growth in the number of official press releases about API integrations shows that the mainstream SMB and enterprise markets are putting APIs to work more, and looking to showcase. For me, this demonstrates that APIs are playing more of a central role in not just the deployment of apps, but the course of regular business for an increasing number of companies in 2015.

I’m guessing that many more companies will be showcasing the API integrations that they achieve, long before they talk about the APIs they posess, let alone make publicly available. Ideally, everyone would be both a public API provider and consumer, but I’m afraid that many companies just don’t have the culture for such a thing—keeping their APIs closer to their chest, while still beating the API integration drum. Because it is what you do in 2015.