Meet The Platform Team Over At Mendeley API

I was playing catchup on my feeds over the weekend, and came across a nice, meet the Mendeley platform team post, from the academic research API. I’m a big fan of these types of efforts, that help humanize API operations, and bring API providers closer to API consumers. From the outside, it is difficult see behind the API curtain, and showcasing the team, is one of the best ways to break down barriers.

Simple things like showcasing the team, let each one tell their story, and providing Twitter accounts for each team member goes a long way in helping me connect with what an API does. Something that will continue beyond just this one post, because I followed each team member that is active on Twitter, and will be able to stay in tune asynchronously.

In the technical shuffle of API oeprations, it can be easy to forget about little touches like this, which is why I’m going to add team showcase as a building block to my API management list. When you are building out your API management strategy, it helps to have things like team showcase on the checklist.