A Peek At The Future With White Label APIs

I’ve been talking about the possibilities around wholesale APIs for a while now, something that is only going to become more prevalent with the popularity of micro services and containers. I thought this company's approach to white label APIs was pretty basic, but worth showcasing, providing a glimpse of what is possible when you are talking about B2B APIs.

Recharge kit provides 15 separate APIs for wholesale usage. I thought it was a telco stack of APIs when I first landed, but it is an interesting mix of telco, utility, travel, and more. I predict companies will emerge with a much more nuanced stacks of micro-services than Recharge Kit, but their approach shows some of the thinking occuring in the space.

As part of the Recharge Kit white label package you also get a handful of API management tools, ranging from user management, and advertising, to billing, and support. The overall presentation is not that professional, but a lot of the essential API management building blocks are present. 

Delivering API management resources in this portable, and flexible way is reflected in my recent exploration with my 3Scale API management infrastructure on Alpha API Evangelist. I'm looking to understand how not to just manage my B2D or B2C API consumption, but also allow me to deliver on a new wholesale side of my operations. Wholesale APIs deployed as micro services via Docker containers adds a whole new dimension to API management, opening up more B2B, wholesale, and white label API opportunities like this.