Where You Will Find Me Next: Berlin, Barcelona, and Broomfield

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to cut back on my travel in 2015, and focus on some important research, coding, and writing. I apologize to all the events I’ve said no to over the last couple months, but I hit a wall last year with speaking, and trying hard to make 2015 a much more healthier, and balanced year.

With that said, here is where you can find me this spring. I have three places you can find me in April and May:

That is all the speaking I’m doing this spring, with one tentative date early in June at BYU. I won’t be traveling again until the fall, when we do @APIStrat again, and of course @DefragCon!

I’m excited to be in Berlin and Barcelona, two of my favorite European cities, and of course Broomfield, CO (specifically the Taproom). I am also excited to not be traveling as much, and able to focus on my wider research, coding, and writing. #thanks