My Open Data Panel At APIDaysBerlin and APIStrat This Friday In Berlin

In addition to helping be the MC for the API event, one of the conversation I am facilitating at @APIDaysBerlin / @APIStrat Europe this Friday in Berlin, is an open data discussion on the main stage. What better place to discuss the world of open data and API, then in Germany. The country has some of the strictest laws when it comes to protecting the privacy of German citizens, and when it comes to API access to data, I couldn't think of a better place to have an open discussion in 2015.

I have invited two data specialists to the stage Friday afternoon:

Ali Jelveh (@jelveh), CEO & Founder Protonet GmbH and Free Your Data -  Ali Jelveh is Co-Founder and Chief Revolutionary Officer of Protonet. Protonet builds Personal Severs for small and medium sized teams. The German-Iranian software engineer has been amongst the first developers at XING after dropping out of his college career. He is on a mission to transform the internet from centralization in the cloud to a state of distributed infrastructure and independent users.
Jonathan VoigtDigital Strategy Advisor / Country Representative of UN Influx - Jonathan Voigt is a startup founder, corporate entrepreneur and digital strategy advisor. Following a master’s degree in innovation management, he co-founded a digital marketing start-up and is now supporting Germany's leading agency for digital transformation. In an honorary capacity, Jonathan is the German representative of UN Influx , a charity that organizes hackathons to help the UN and the public engage better with one another.

I am looking forward to hearing what Ali and Jonathan have to say about open data, from a European perspective. To help stimulate the conversation, I've also invited one of our keynotes to join us:

Chris Taggart (@countculture), EO & Co-founder of OpenCorporates - Chris Taggart is the CEO and co-founder of OpenCorporates: The Open Database Of the Corporate World, which has worked with the open data community to build a database of over 25 million companies, all open data. Originally a journalist and later magazine publisher, he now works full time in the field of open data, and is on the UK government’s Local Public Data Panel, and Mayor of London’s Digital Advisory Board.

I do not have a list of questions prepared for these gentlemen. I think we all know the space well enough, just discussing who they are, their projects, and the wider open data space is sure to fill up 30 minutes of main stage action. I am eager to hear Chris's keynote as well, as I'm extremely interested in what OpenCorporates is doing.

If you aren't registered, there are like 20 tickets left, so you better jump now before the conference sells out. Feel free to send me any questions or topics you'd like to see disccussed, and I'll see you in Berlin this Friday and Saturday.