Splitting My Blog API Into Two Separate APIs For News And Analysis

When I started API Evangelist, I knew I didn't want to use WordPress or other common CMS, so I developed my own API, and page and blogging CMS. During the latest migration of my internal API infrastructure, I'm rebuilding everything as a single stack of APIs that I  can use to operate API Evangelist. Part of this process is breaking down legacy systems, into the small possible unit of value, something I consider deeply as I rebuild each API.

It started with my link system, which I broke up into link, curation, keyword, and linkrot APIs. Now I'm eyeballing my legacy blog API, which historically I also use to publish news pieces to API.Report, and sections that I syndicate to white papers I have published. My goal with my blogging API is to get it down to its simplest possible functionality--publishing posts to my blogs.

With this in mind I forked my newer blog API, and labeled it my news API. Right now, my news API behaves very similar to my blog, but it already has new features like automated pulling of press releases, extraction of proper nouns, and a few other bells and whistles that make my news management workflow as painless as possible. Over time I may share some of the features with the blogging API, I think my news and analysis worlds will remain separate beasts, from here forward.