Someone Should Do A Site Like CodeProject, But Just For APIs

As part of my monitoring of the API space, I keep track of new posts on CodeProject, and occasionally I come across an API integration project. Some of the times it references it as an API project, while most of the time it will just reference the platform being used, like a Magento Commerce project, or a Youtube project.

As I was reviewing a couple of interesting projects this week, I was thinking it would be nice to have a more modern, simpler version of CodeProject, but exclusively dedicated to APIs. The site could provide regular walk-through of API integration, aggregation, or reciprocity patterns. The site wouldn't have to do that many projects, just a couple a month would be fine to begin with, increasing the volume after things get going. 

Another important feature would be the ability browse project by API provider, so you could find all the Twitter how-tos, or the Instagram how-to. The site would use Github to host each how-to, providing a simple, forkable way for API projects to submitting for inclusion by the community, while also empowering the audience to take each how-to-project with them.

I would totally love to do this idea, but I need another project like I need a hold in my head (any new ones). I would surely support anyone who setup a site like this, provide how-to, and help get the word out about it. ;-) I think you could easily monetize by getting paid to do how-to for specific APIs, and within specific business uses cases and industries. 

Alighty, idea share, back to work.