API Evangelist and APIWare Partnering To Help You Do The Hard Work Of Developing and Managing Your API

I am fortunate to be able to take part in numerous conversations around API strategy, with companies, organizations, and government agencies who are trying to understand, and maximize the role they play in the API economy. However, one side effect of this world, is that most of these conversations begin and end with strategy planning, and when it comes to deployment and management, I rarely stay on in discussions. I do have clients who do check in with me, at different stops along their journey, but for the most part my role ends once the strategy discussions end.

I would like to change this with a new relationship I've established with APIWare, a new API-first agency that is dedicated to defining, developing, deploying, and managing APIs at all stages of the life-cycle. I have worked with the core team that is APIWare, on earlier projects, and after a couple of years, I've learned to trust the work they do.

API Evangelist and APIWare are partnering to make sure that some is always available to help you meet the demand of your API operations, by exclusively focusing on:

  • Defining Your API - Where do your resources originate, and what is the best path forward in defining and designing your APIs.
  • Developing Your API - The actual hard work of crafting your APIs from scratch, all the way to using common API gateway solutions and frameworks.
  • Managing API Operations - Take care of the day challenges when operating your API from monitoring and availability to developer on-boarding. 

The APIWare team is determined to stay focused in these areas, while you are busy doing other things, and the team is working hard to follow many of the best practices that I showcase across my work in the API space. Now you don't just get a handful of initial conversations with me about best practices, you have a team that will help you actually address the pieces of API operations that are falling through the cracks.

I will not be doing any of the development, the core team is way more skilled at this than I am, however I will be involved with defining overall best practices for the team, and will be touching each project as it comes in the door, and at regular stages throughout its evolution. This approach helps make sure I can continue having many conversations throughout an APIs life-cycle, be there to share thoughts on the road-map, while also keep telling the important stories about API operations from the trenches. 

The API Evangelist + APIWare partnership reflects a shift in how I will be doing things in the future. I am looking to capture more of the exhaust from my world--filling a critical gap in providing companies and organizations with a reliable source of API development, and management resources, that operates in a structured, yet agile, project management way, while sticking to an API-first vision.

This new evolution in API Evangelist will not change my tone. My goal is to not to build a startup, but to help meet a growing demand in the space. I will still be as opinionated, and honest about my approach, I will just have more stories to tell! ;-)

<-- If you need help you help there will always be a link on the main menu for you to request assistance, and of course feel free to ping me directly.