NASA Is Rocking It With Their Very Inspirational And Simple APIs

NASA just launched two new APIs, as part of their open data efforts. I find the APIs they offer to be simple, and very inspirational examples of what an API can be. Maybe I just love space, but seeing these well designed, very fun APIs out of our countries space agency is just cool.

They added a Near Earth Asteroids API, and a Mars Rover Photos API, and they also understand the value of telling the story of the release on their blog. Remember API providers, if you launch an API in the woods and don't blog about, nobody will know about it--storytelling is one of the most important tools in your toolbox.

Also, your APIs don't have to be complicated, and overthought. Just providing GET access to interesting images and other content like NASA is doing can really go a long ways in generating attention (it got me to write a blog post). You can see this in action with both their APIs, and their approach to their API portal--I look forward to seeing what APIs they release next!