An API For Encrypted Storage Of All Your Accounts, Data, Files, And Setting

I've been working on expand upon my API security research, but it can be difficult to find API focused security solutions. Exactly what is security when it comes to APIs can vary. Are you looking to secure your APIs? Are you looking to secure your data or content using an API? This is why I started a research projects so that I can turn on my keyword monitoring, and begin scouring the landscape in real-time--the more I conduct research in an area, the better I get at it.

The best part of my research is that sometimes when I write about things, companies just come to me. This happened the other week, with an encrypted database API provider called SecureDB. What this brand new API driven platform provides is default security for your accounts, data, files, and settings--exactly what we need in this cyber-insecure world we have created for ourselves.

I do not store any sensitive data, but if I did, I would not want to be in the business of storing it. Period! SecureDB gives you everything you need to manage your users account and identity, create the data stores you need, and store your appilcations files and settings in a secure environment. All identity data is encrypted by default, and you get to set the encryption levels for all your data stores, allowing you to make sure everything sensitive is not readable on the server, even if it is compromised.

SecureDB is just getting started, but they have a lot of things in the works, including on-premise, containerized implementations, version that run on Heroku, white label solutions, and much more. I will be working with them to help them craft a marketing and storyteling strategy around their encrypted database solution, and establishing a deeper partnership between them and API Evangelist.

I'm pretty stoked on my ability to attract these types of API service providers just by publishing my research regularly, and talking about the areas these companies are providing solutions in. I'm just telling the first story about SecureDB to let you know they are out there, and get them established in my monitoring system, and overall research--stay tuned for much more on SecureDB, and the security solutions they provide--I couldn't think of a better time for an API like this, we are so going to need it.