An API For Finding Government Websites That Do Not End In .gov

I have used the Federal Agency Directory API for quite some time to lookup federal government agencies. has some highly valuable, and simple APIs including the Social Media Registry API, which I find extremely useful. They recently added a new one for searching government websites that do not end in .gov.

The URLs APIs allows you to search for all websites that end in .com, .org, .edu, or other top-level domains, including:

I find the APIs coming out of to be excellent examples of what ALL government agencies should be doing. The APIs don't have to be complicated, just provide simple read, and sometimes write access to valuable government data that should be public.

I am going to prioritize the creation of an API definition for, and wrap their APIs in an APIs.json file, and add to my federal API stack. The more of these APIs I have at my disposal, the more efficient I am at when it comes to opening up government data, and making existing API resources available across my research.