A Social API Performance Report From @APIMetrics

APImetrics just released their second API Performance Report for Social Networks, aggregated from data they have been gathering from monitoring social networks since 2014. APImetrics is publishing the report to "..understand the impact these APIs were having on social media based on geographic location and specific cloud service provider."

I'll let you read the report yourself, I just wanted to highlight the importance of this type of API monitoring from 3rd party services like APImetrics. The other providers I watch closely like Runscope and API Science also monitor 3rd party APIs like this, but I think publishing formal reports on a regular basis like APImetrics is doing, is healthy for the space. 

Eventually, I would like to see an aggregate location where all API monitoring service providers can publish their data, in a common format, and the larger API community could process, and help establish an API rating solution that we can all take advantage of. Historical, and real-time data will be key to establishing the open rating system that we need.

I would say that social, cloud, and messaging apps kind top the list of APIs we should be monitoring and rating, but eventually it would be nice to have this be commonplace for any public API in the space. Part of helping us evolve the API discovery conversation, is establishing a baseline for rating the good APIs from the bad ones, and work like the social network report from APImetrics helps us get closer to this possible future.