The APIStrat Austin Schedule Has Reached That Level Of Amazing For Me Again

This is the 6th edition of API Strategy & Practice, happening in Austin, TX next week. As one of the organizers, I can say that pulling together the perfect lineup of speakers and topics is always a daunting challenge, but then at some point before the event happens, the schedule always seems to take on a life of its own.

The APIStrat Austin schedule has reached that point again. We have enough killer speakers and companies present, it has attracted other killer speakers and companies, resulting in a mindblowing 3 days of workshops, keynotes, panels, and sessions--if you haven't taken a look at the schedule lately, take a few moments.

I was going through, looking for problems, missing photos, etc, and the scope of the people and companies present just struck me how amazing it has become, and I had to share. If you aren't registered, make sure and do so, and if there is someone you think that should be in attendance, feel free to ping me directly--you won't want to miss it.

See all y'all in Austin next week!