Do You Have What It Takes To Be On The API Academy Team?

When it comes to keeping an eye on what others are doing across the API space, and occasionally pushing forward a few crazy ideas, API Evangelist is your source. However if you really want to learn about API design and architecture, that you can put to work at your company, organization, institution, and government agency--the API Academy is where you go.

There is not another team API team that so focused on API literacy, with as much expertise, as the API Academy team. If you have been to any of the leading API events like APIStrat, APIDays, API Craft, and RESTFEst, you've seen their team in action, and known what they are bringing to the table.

  • Mike Amundsen (@mamund) is making sure we are all on the correct path.
  • Ronnie Mitra (@mitraman) is pushing the concept of API design forward.
  • Matt McLarty (@MattMcLartyBC) with the big enterprise API architecture picture.
  • Irakli Nadareishvili (@inadarei) is paying attention to the overall API vision.

I have learned a great deal of what I know about API design and architecture from these individuals, during my tenure as the API Evangelist. When it comes to the business or politics of APIs I'm on solid ground, but when it comes to API design, and API architectural considerations at scale--I will always defer to the API Academy.

The team informed me, that they are looking for someone to join their team. Someone worthy. Which is no small task. I can barely count on two hands, the number of people who I would recommend for the position, sadly many are already happily working on existing projects. Good thing there are many folks I do not know as well across the space, who are API leaders--if you are one of these people, and thrive on teaching others about API design and architecture, I suggest you ping Matt McLarty over at the API Academy...they need your help!