Look Across My API Monitoring API Methods By Grouping Them Using Tag

Last week I was playing with defining API monitoring APIs so I can map to each stop along the API life cycle. I took three of the API monitoring services I use (APIMetrics, API Science, and Runscope), and like I do for other areas along the API life cycle, and for common API stacks, I profiled their APIs using the OpenAPI Spec. This is standard operating procedure for any of my research areas, in that part of profiling each company's operations, I profile the API surface area in detail.

For each of my research projects, I will include this listing of each API endpoint available as part of the work. As I was adding one for my API monitoring research, I had a thought--I wanted to reorganize the endpoints, across the three API monitoring service providers, and group them by tag. So I started playing with a new way to look at the APIs available in any given APIs.json driven collection.

This is a listing of API resources available in this projects APIs.json, organized by tag.



  • Delete an Authentication Setting - (DELETE) - /auth/{id}/
  • Get an existing Authentication Setting - (GET) - /auth/{id}/
  • List Authentication Settings - (GET) - /auth/
  • Update an existing Authentication Setting - (PUT) - /auth/{id}/









Shared Environments


  • List All Tags - (GET) - /tags


Test Environments

Test Steps




If you mouse over each actual endpoint, it will tell you the host of the API it is for. I am just playing around. I have no idea what value this would present for anyone, except for just helping provide a new dimension for viewing the APIs involved. For me, this particular one helps me understand API resources across many providers, while also encouraging me to think more critically about how I tag the APIs I define using OpenAPI Spec.

You can view the listing by provider, as well as listing by tag, for my API monitoring research. I will be adding these two views to all of my core research areas, and the API stacks I define as I have time, but I thought it would be interesting to add to my own API stack, which is probably the most defined of all of my stacks--here is listing by provider, and listing by tag, for my API Evangelist stack.

We'll see how this plays out as I roll out for more of my research. I am sure I will learn a lot along the way, by adding new APIs.json driven dimensions like these. I'd like to eventually have a whole toolbox of these types of views, and even some APIs.json and OpenAPI Spec driven visualizations.