Blog Posts to Work Through My API Task List

I would say today reflects the purpose of API Evangelist in my world. Helping me get through the work I have on the table, while expanding my awareness of what is going on in the world of APIs. Most people think my blog is for them, and it is, but first and foremost it is about me working through my ideas and projects. I haven’t been feeling like writing much during the current situation we find ourselves in, but this morning I was needing some help getting to some items on my task list that have been sitting a little to long. Resulting in three posts here on the blog, and me remember why I do this, which always helps me find renewed energy in my work.

I have about 10 different items I was looking to accomplish today, but three of them made for pretty worthy stories that helped me better understand what is going on while also pushing me to articulate my ideas to other people. Here is the result of me clearing three items from my task list today:

This process reflects how I like to work. It represents how I have managed to move my API research forward over the last ten years. I like being able to pause and remember how and why I do this. I learned a lot today. I have a three big ideas implanted in my head so that I can simmer on them. Being able to think about things like this keeps my brain occupied, and helps me move forward the conversations I am having. This is why I do all of this. Because it keeps me learning and thinking about interesting aspects of how technology is being used in our world.

I would also say that these three projects reflect what interests me. 1) Helping others learn about APIs, 2) Be successful in my job (helping Postman customers), and 3) Helping potentially move forward the conversation around API policy at the highest levels. Anyways, I like having days like this. It energizes me a bit and keeps my brain out of trouble, while also helping me work my way through my task list. Clearing the way for other projects that I’d like to spend time on, while also producing (hopefully) relevant content for API Evangelist readers sharing what I am learning along the way. Anyways, I just wanted to pause for a moment and acknowledge that I enjoy my work, and the little niche I’ve carved out.