API Specifications Update for August 6th, 2021

I try to stay up to speed with what is happening across the leading API specifications each week. The evolution of OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and JSON Schema is important to what I do at Postman, but also to the wider API space. I find it helpful to understand what is happening across each of the API specification communities, and I wanted to also find a way to share what I am seeing with everyone else. Providing a single digest of what is happening, without having to do all the work I am doing each week. While I am sure there is much more going on that I am not tuned into, here is a snapshot of what I see happening.

Recent Meetings

These are the meetings that happened this past week:

Upcoming Meetings

These are the upcoming meetings that I am tuned into:

Interesting Issues

AsyncAPI had some interesting issues to tune into:

Interesting Discussions

There are some of the interesting conversations:

Interesting Releases

These are the two interesting releases from this last week:

Interesting Blog Posts

Two very JSON Schema focused blog posts to read:

Interesting News

There was one interesting news article on my radar:

  • AsyncAPI
    • Providing Decentralized Storage to Hedera NFTs - Hedera Improvement Proposal 10 (HIP-10) offers an ecosystem standard for NFT metadata. To bolster this new functionality, Filecoin (specifically, the NFT.storage service) enables decentralized storage of the JSON schema containing those NFT properties and multimedia or localization data.

Interesting Tweets



JSON Schema

Interesting Videos

One interesting video you should be watching:


This was my second attempt at doing this type of summary. I will also be posting a little about the process I am using to make this post happen. I will be looking to evolve my approach, and of course, if there is anything missing from my summary of what is going on in the world of API specifications, please let me know! As part of this process I am working to get folks behind the meetings, discussions, and other goings on to be more public about what they are doing so I have a URL to share. Once I get a hang of regular updates for these three specs I will consider adding GraphQL and gRPC. I will be publishing this to the API Evangelist each week (time allowing), and featuring the latest one on the home page. I am also working on updating the home page of the API Specification Toolbox to showcase how you can learn, implement, and contribute to each of the specifications—-once I have up, I will link to more from this regularly summary. My goal is to provide a single place everyone can go to get involved within the communities for each of the API specifications, but also stay up to speed on what is going on each week.