API Specifications Update for September 8th, 2021

The evolution of OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and JSON Schema is important to what I do at Postman, but also to the wider API space. I find it helpful to understand what is happening across each of the API specification communities, and I wanted to also find a way to share what I am seeing with everyone else. Each week I spend time to create a single digest of what is happening, without having to do all the work I am doing each week. While I am sure there is much more going on that I am not tuned into, here is what I see as the snapshot of what I see happening across the API specifications.

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If there is anything missing from my summary of what is going on in the world of API specifications, please let me know! As part of this process I am working to get folks behind the meetings, discussions, and other goings on to be more public about what they are doing so I have a URL to share. I am also working on updating the home page of the API Specification Toolbox to showcase how you can learn, implement, and contribute to each of the specifications—-once I have up, I will link to more from this regularly summary. My goal is to provide a single place everyone can go to get involved within the communities for each of the API specifications, but also stay up to speed on what is going on each week.