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Learning Management System (LMS) APIs

At Mimeo I get approached by a lot of customers who use various learning management systems, and ask if they can print training and classroom materials from their LMS. I ask them the name of their LMS system, then set out to research what is possible.

I've researched almost 30 LMS systems so far (according to my notes), and I've come across 3 that have APIs. I'm in talks with a fourth, Schoology, that has an API as a premium feature, but information is limited and they are super busy with the new school year.

Here are the three LMS platforms that I've come across that have APIs:

I find it pretty disturbing that only 3% of the learning management systems have APIs. APIs are essential not only to providing data portability for your customers, but can open up entirely new sales channels for an LMS provider.

A web API can enable other content systems and applications to incorporate your LMS into their application. An API will not give away your content or intellectual property, it will open it up and allow you to build new types of revenue channels with customers who might not have adopted your platform by itself, without seamless integration with their existing systems.

My research into the education and learning management space is still in its infancy. If you know of any tools I should evaluate, please let me know. Whether its K-12, Higher Ed, or corporate learning, education is one space that dramatically benefit from the power of the API.