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Business of APIs Conference in San Francisco - Wrapup

I finished up the Mashery, Business of APIs Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.  After a days rest and reflection on the event I wanted to capture my thoughts on BAPI - SF.  

The turnout was impressive.  I got to see a lot of familiar faces, was introduced to some new APIs and met a few new folks looking to transform their businesses using APIs.  

On the 16 presentations I saw, here are some of my thoughts:

Overall BAPI was a great experience, except for that one dude I spilled a glass of water on his leg.  So sorry man!!

I'm really looking forward to the New York New York event October 19th and if I can afford to, I will be going to the London event on October 25th.  If you want to help Audrey and I get there, let me know!  :)

I'm still working on a couple other side stories from the event, I will post them when they are ready.  The registration is still open for both events. I highly recommend getting to at least one of them if you can.