From Github Issue To Story to Resource

As an evangelist, your responsibility is to get the word out about an API, and provide users with the resources they will need to be successful.

While executing on your evangelism strategy, there are numerous ways to generate stories for your blog, but one of my favorite approaches is to cherry pick the best issues on your Github repositories.

If you are like me, your using Github repos to manage everything from documentation and code samples to presentations and terms of use. One of the perks of using Github, is you immediately gain the benefits of the Github issue management system.

While many of the issues submitted on your Github repos will be mundane and not very story-worthy. Always keep an eye out for ones that are ripe for picking and turning into an actual stories for your blog and social media accounts.

Earlier today, I received some great feedback via the issue management system on the API Evangelist repo. Ben Balter (@benbalter) from Github recommended that I use a permalink frontmatter to simplify my file structure. In my migration from a PHP blog to using Jekyll on Github Pages, I hadn't considered this, and when I learn something new, I want to share it by crafting into a story and posting it on the blog.

Not only will this Github issue become a story, providing much needed SEO and education for my users, I will also turn this into a more structured resource, and provide as part of future educational content.

Pulling stories and educational content from relevant Github issues can be a great way to generate valuable content for your platform, and if it is done in real-time it isn't really that much work.