API Management Using Github

There are plenty of tools and services you can use to manage your API and its developer community. But there is no platform that provides as much benefit and versatility as Github.

Github is a social coding platform that developers have grown to love and respect. With a high level of adoption by developers, and the versatility of the features available on Github, API providers have developed many innovative ways to use the platform to manage an API.

I have documented eleven approaches to using Github for API management to date:

This list does not represent all the uses of Github for an API, but the approaches I've seen used by open API providers. Not all APIs are created or managed equally and these approaches to using Github can be applied in many different ways, even within private platforms.

Github is about social coding and file versioning, an approach that offers huge benefits to API management practices. You want all aspects of your API operations to be social and versioned allowing it to evolve over time--Github handles this like no other platform.

Consider Github as the core of your API operations and think about which of these eleven approaches you can use to make sure your API is as successful possible.