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Four Reasons OpenFDA API Launch Was Successful (Hint: Not Just The Tech)

My friends over at Social Health Insights, wrote about their experience being one of the beta users for the new OpenFDA API, and what they thought contributed to the success of the API launch from the Food and Drug Administration.

What I found interesting about their post, is that contributing factors were not technical:

I am present on the backchannel for the OpenFDA rollout, so I saw some of the back and forth on the technical aspects of OpenFDA, and there was definitely lots of tech talk, but ultimately the success depended on providing use cases, getting early feedback, while also being collaborative and responsive.

As I’ve said a thousand times before, it doesn’t matter how technically perfect your API is, without the business and politics of your API dialed in, you will fumble the ball. Always keep in mind, that the reasons why this whole API thing is working, goes well beyond just the technology.