Notification Focused Startups Within Leading API Ecosystems

I was keeping an eye out for interesting API stories on ProductHunt the other day and came across an cool notification startup that lives in the Stripe API ecosystem, called Hooked.

Hooked allows users to set up notifications for any events related to a Stripe account. Hooked uses the Stripe API to disocver events, and then employs webhooks to send notifications.

As I'm writing this story, I realize this is very similar to my previous story today about real-time and visualization layers for APIs, and that notifications could easily be provided as a white label solution for API providers, giving them a ready to go notification layer to their APIs.

Right now I lump notifications in my research under real-time, but I think I will be pulling it out into its own research area. Notifications are real-time, but they are more messaging than just a real-time feature, but they are kind of more real-time than just a message too. Does that make sense?

We'll see. That is the fun of my API Evangelist research network, is that all of it is pretty liquid—allowing me to keep moving things around until they make sense in my head.