How To Pitch Your API

As a journalist, I get a lot of pitches from startups trying to convince me to write about their product or service. And I also attend a lot of pitch events, where entrepreneurs try to convince a panel of judges (typically investors) to write them a check. Often there are a lot of missing pieces in these pitches -- no compelling technology, no compelling market, no compelling story, and most damning, no actual product.

Sure. You can have slides. You can boast about how awesome your product will be. You can talk, talk, talk.

Or, you can actually show it off, show how it works. And I do mean, literally, how it works, by coding your way through a demo.

And this is what John Britton, Twilio's developer evangelist, does in this video, taken at a NY Tech Meetup. In it, he not only makes the case for the Twilio product -- the Twilio API integrates phone and message actions into your app. But by coding the demo live onstage, Britton also makes the case for and to the developer community, which is particularly important for having a vibrant and robust API.