About API Evangelist

My name is Kin Lane, and I created the API Evangelist blog and persona to provide me with a lens for looking at how technology is impacting the world around us. In 2010, I began studying the business of APIs, trying to understand how new waves of startups like Twilio, Stripe, SendGrid and others were building API-centric businesses. Many years later I am still studying APIs, but my view of the API landscape has significantly changed over the years as I better understand the technology, business, but also the politics of APIs.

This blog is my note pad. It is where I write down my thoughts as I am reading, researching, and having conversation with people across different industries. This blog is how I learn about what is happening with APIs in motion. This blog has no editor, so ocasionally you will find spelling or grammar mistakes. Feel free to share if you come across, or simply overlook as you make your way around. After almost 12 years, I am finding more energy to write here and organize the information I have published here, making things more discoverable and accessable.

I spend almost a decade working on storytelling here. In the next decade I am looking to get more hands-on with what I’ve learned and help businesses across many different industries be more successful with their API operations. With a website refresh in the beginning of Octoer 2022 I am looking to invest more time and energy into this blog, organizing what I have here, but working across the industry to help evolve and expand the knowledge available here on API Evangelist.

Opinions are my own, and not that of my employer!

API Evangelist