Using Contests to Deliver API Components on Fixed Budget

Contests are becoming a popular way for API community managers to bring attention to their APIs. Giving away cash and prizes is a quick way to get developers understanding your API and to get press coverage as well.

myGengo, a translation software as a service (SaaS), has cooked up a contest offering up to $30K in cash and rewards to encourage development of specific plugins that use the myGengo API.

myGengo provides a list of popular CMS, SNS, E-Commerce, forums, browser plugins, and SaaS platforms for developers to choose from. You can request adding a new framework or platform if you wish.

In addition to increasing public and developer awareness of the myGengo AP platform, the company is getting a full suite of code libraries and plugs for all major platforms on a fixed budget of 30K. Seems like an excellent way to develop code around your platform while keeping it within a specified budget and without bringing in any new development resources or training for new platform and languages.

The myGengo API contest demonstrates a new trend in marketing your API, building a community, and establishing a wide selection of code.