Amazon Web Services Enhances Premium Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) changed up its premium support offerings, introducing two new support plans:
  • Bronze Plan - The Bronze Plan is meant for developers at $49.00 / month.
  • Platinum Plan - The Platinum Plan is meant for enterprise customers is 10% of AWS usage with a 15K monthly minimum.
In addition to the two new support plans AWS reduced the usage-based pricing for the Silver and gold plans by 50%.

If that wasn't enough, Amazon increased its responsiveness for normal severity support cases from 24 business hours to 12 business hours, and low severity cases from 48 to 24 hours.

Premium Support is a must-have building block in this API economy. But as AWS's new offerings makes clear, as this becomes a competitive space - in terms of quality and pricing - offering premium support might be the thing that makes the difference for customers.