Instapaper Launches Full API

Instapaper just launched a Full API giving developers access to web pages that Instagram users have saved to read later.

The API provides full Instapaper account access, but can only access web page bookmarks from paid-subscriber accounts.

Those who haven't paid the $1/month fee for an Instapaper account will still be able to submit to Instapaper using the Instapaper Simple API.

The API uses oAuth 2.0 for authentication and provide a set of helper libraries to get going.

Instapaper API services and endpoints are:

Account / Authentication

  • /api/1/oauth/access_token
  • /api/1/account/verify_credentials
Web Page Bookmarks
  • /api/1/bookmarks/list
  • /api/1/bookmarks/update_read_progress
  • /api/1/bookmarks/add
  • /api/1/bookmarks/delete
  • /api/1/bookmarks/star
  • /api/1/bookmarks/unstar
  • /api/1/bookmarks/archive
  • /api/1/bookmarks/unarchive
  • /api/1/bookmarks/move
  • /api/1/bookmarks/get_text
  • /api/1/folders/list
  • /api/1/folders/add
  • /api/1/folders/delete
  • /api/1/folders/set_order
Instapaper has provided some insight on its blog regarding why it chose to provide Full API access to data from paid accounts. It's a new and interesting perspective to the classic arguement of freemium versus paid accounts.

The first application developed using the Full API is Stacks for Instapaper, a Windows Phone 7 client. developed by Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc. More applications are sure to come.